Jupiter with Callisto Transit

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After imaging the Moon with my new Altair GP-Cam now it is time to try Jupiter.  A clear night, but a bit hazy…I waited until Jupiter appeared over the rooftops and then began imaging. At first I used the maximum size setting for the camera, which gave me about 14fps. I tried a few AVI captures with the camera straight in the telescope. I needed to play around a bit to get used to this camera. I realised that setting the size to 640 x 480 gave me a fast frame speed of about 40fps, so I did a few captures with this setting. Next I tried a 2x Barlow  lens and 640 x 480, this worked the best. I was able to move the capture area to centre Jupiter as I capured the frames.

Here is probably the best of my captures stacked and processed using Registax 5.

You can see Jupiter in all it’s glory along with the shadow of Callisto transiting the planet. You can also see a moon, which I think is also Callisto.

jupiter1and2mediumlightcrophue   jupiter1croplighthue

Taken with my Skywatcher 80ED Pro.



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