Full Moon at last!

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I have waited for months to capture a full screen image of the Full Moon. Can’t do that with my Skywatcher 130m as the image is just too big and the focal reducer don’t work!. I know that it can be done with the new ST80 refractor with the focal reducer giving the whole of the Moon without making a mosaic.
Well, the Full Moon came late, about 12.00, but it only just cleared the roof tops, so I waited until I could get a clear shot. Then, guess what…clouds!!
Gave up in the end so had to pack up and go in. I really wanted an image of the Full Moon and at about 1.15am the sky cleared and I quickly set up and managed to capture the images that I wanted!

Great…Full Moon at last!

Clear sky at last!

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As it went dark I began to set up my gear. It’s Monday, 10th April, a lovely evening, the Moon high in the South East, bright and clear. The Moon waxing at 93% so I took some images first with my Skywatcher ST80 with the f0.6 reducer. Some brilliant images of a nearly full moon. Then I switched to the 130m and picked out some features to image. The best must be Tycho in both colour and grey-scale and Copernicus – loads of detail!
You can see these on my website.
Having some problems at the moment with tracking, maybe too much weight on the mount with both scopes. Sometimes the motor tracks fine then seems to stop – could do with another mount for the ST80 or maybe mount the scope differently?

Spring at last?

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Well, tonight I managed to see some clear skies at last! The poor Dafodils have fought against all odds to bloom only to be bashed to bits by the torrential rain, hail and winds this weekend. Cold, but nice in the garden tonight, captured a few images of the Moon with and without the Focal Reducer. I now need a nice sunny day to balance and align the mount on my scopes.
Here is an image of tonight’s Moon with the Focal Reducer on the ST80 telescope, looks really good in colour!

Spring Moon

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Well…it’s Spring! Not that you would notice, weather freezing, snow, rain, sleet, hail had it all over the last week. Clocks go forward at weekend so it MUST be Spring really! Anyway, here is an image of the Moon taken on the same night as the previous picure. Used the Skywatcher ST80 and f0.6 focal reducer which works fine if I only use one Barlow Case as an extender with the FR screwed onto the nosepiece of the Toucam.

Winter Moon

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Well, would you believe it…SNOW…and lots of it! Looking out of my window it looks like a Christmas Card scene and its Spring next week. My poor Daffodils and Crocus are wondering whats hit them!!
So, basically…no telescope in the garden. I did send for a nice bracket for fitting the Binoculars to a tripod, I look forward to trying that out.
Todays image was taken last week from the conservatory door of the Moon with my new ST80…Winter has come late this year!

Sleepy Moon

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Friday 3rd March brought a snow storm which started at 3.30pm. After an hour or two of heavy snow, the skies cleared to reveal the most beautiful Moon, idealy placed to image from the conservatory door.

The garden looked beautiful in the snow, particularly the Weeping Willow Tree full of snow. I imaged the garden with my Sony Cybershot camera and the Moon with the Skywatcher ST80 Refractor. I have been waiting for a Moon like this to test out my Rocal Reducer (which came from Australia!) I found that with just one extension (ie: one Barlow Lens case) the Focal Reducer worked fine! Some super images of the Moon with the reducer, can now see the whole of the Moon on the CCD on the Toucam Pro II.

The final image is a combination of the tree and Moon merged together on Paint Shop Pro by using different layers.

Skywatcher ST80 Refractor

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New telescope has arrived, I wanted short wide field refractor to suppliment my 130m. I opted for the Skywatcher ST80.
A brilliant little scope, I have mounted it on the same EQ2 mount as the Skywatcher 130m. Some great wide field views. I took a couple of images with the scope and am just getting used to using the scope. I find that my Toucam needs an extention tube to get back focus on the scope. For this I used two barlow lens cases with the lens unscrewed.

Listen to this space for more on the scope!

Saturn Night

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Tonight’s Image
After two weeks of cloud and gloom the sun came out and tonight was clear and looked GOOD!
The Moon was bright so I had a go at imaging Saturn again, tried to find the Eskimo Nebula but it was a bit close to the Moon, so no luck.

New Telescope

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Took this pic of Saturn in January!

Well, i’ve took the plunge and ordered a new SkyWatcher ST80 Short Tube Refractor. I gave this a lot of thought and even tried to get one from E Bay. My SkyWatcher 130m is superb – I love it! At this time of year though I want to capture some images of objects that are just too big to fit on screen with the Toucam and 130m. My Focal Reducer does not work with the 130m so decided to add a ST80 to solve the problem.

Trouble is…supplier is out of stock, so I will have to wait a bit for it to arrive!


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